Mijn kat Ziva en ik - mijn dagelijkse kattenoppas

Vacation is such a fun time of year. Relaxing, discovering beautiful places, meeting interesting people.

But for me personally, there was a lot of stress involved… especially in the preparation for it.

Because then I had to leave my sweet cat Ziva behind. And in my eyes no one was ever good enough to take care of her. Because I was looking for someone who really understood cats and my ‘special’ Ziva.

Are you also struggling to go on a holiday because of your cat?

I feel you! 

It hurts you to leave her behind. You doubt whether she will get the right care. Even if your parents (in-law) or neighbours come to take a look every day.

And you’re afraid she’ll be unhappy without you.

Een gevlekte kat die op haar rug op een dekbed ligt - kattenoppas

You long to go on holiday with peace of mind. 

Because you know your cat is in the hands of a true cat professional who knows how to make your cat most comfortable

You long for reassurance. Because you know your cat isn’t feeling stressed or lonely. But is at ease and gets real attention and playtime on a daily basis.

And you crave a stress-free vacation that you can enjoy with confidence. Without continuously checking your messages to know if everything is ok. 

Kat en baasje liggen naast elkaar en kat raakt met pootjes zacht het gezicht van de vrouw aan - kattenoppas
gezicht van kat die op haar zij ligt en gelukkig lijkt - kattenoppas

Do you long for that too?

Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Kelly. I am a clinical animal behaviourist specialized in cats. And it is my mission to give cats their best possible life with as little stress, trauma or other unpleasant experiences as possible. That’s why I think cat sitting at home is so important. Because I know how attached cats are to their own environment. And how much stress and anxiety it gives them to be in an unfamiliar environment, with strange people and other cats. 

Whether your cat is a brave tiger who likes to play all day or a timid cat who doesn’t like strangers. I’ll make sure your cat gets what she needs during your vacation. 

Does your cat have FIP or does she need medication? Then I think it is extra important to reduce stress and to keep a close eye on your cat’s body language.

So, I don’t use a standard approach, but always look at what your cat needs when I’m there. Does she want attention, to be caressed or play? Great, then I’ll give her that. Would she rather be left alone? Also fine. Your cat decides

How does the cat sitting service work?

  1. You check my calendar (see calendar at the bottom of this page) to see if there are still places available for your holiday period. And you book the days you want.
  2. You will receive a confirmation of your requested days and an email to book an intake interview before your departure. So that we can go through all the care routines, hand over keys, etc. I’ll come to your home for this.
  3. You can go and enjoy your holiday. And after the cat sitting period you will receive an invoice from me. You can pay directly online or via bank transfer.
kat geeft een high five - kattenoppas kan heel leuk zijn
kat kruipt op een krabpaal die eruit ziet als een cactus - kattenoppas om je kat actief te houden

What can you expect from the cat sitting?

  • 1 visit a day
  • Basic care of your cat(s): feeding and drinking, cleaning the litter box, cleaning accidents
  • Individual attention for each cat (petting, playing, cuddling) according to what your cat wants at that moment
  • Giving medication
  • Watering the plants
  • Emptying the letter box
  • You will receive one daily update about your cats (a message, photo or video)
  • Basic care of fish, chickens, rabbits and other small rodents

How long I am present during the visit depends on your cats and how much attention they want that day.

What is your investment?

Cat sitting = 25 euros per visit + travel costs there and back (0.50 euros/km based on Google Maps)

Intake interview = for free

Where can you book my cat sitting?

  • Overijse, Jezus-Eik, Maleizen, Tombeek, Eizer, Terlanen
  • Hoeilaart, Groenendaal
  • Huldenberg, Ottenburg, Loonbeek, Neerijse, St-Agatha-Rode
  • Tervuren, Duisburg, Vossem
Kat ligt te slapen in bed - kattenoppas

Why should you choose cat sitting from The Pet Coach?

  • Professional cat behaviourist who reads your cat’s body language and adapts her approach to the signals your cat gives
  • No extra costs for weekends or holidays
  • Basic price per visit regardless of the number of cats
  • No additional costs for the basic care of chickens, fish and rabbits
  • Your cat(s) stays in their safe home environment and experiences less stress

Book your cat sitter here

Check the available dates in the calendar below and book your cat sitting.

<2023> oktober
sep 25
1 Beschikbaar/Available
sep 26
1 Beschikbaar/Available
sep 27
1 Beschikbaar/Available
sep 28
1 Beschikbaar/Available
sep 29
1 Beschikbaar/Available
sep 30
1 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
2 Beschikbaar/Available
nov 1
1 Beschikbaar/Available
nov 2
1 Beschikbaar/Available
nov 3
1 Beschikbaar/Available
nov 4
1 Beschikbaar/Available
nov 5
1 Beschikbaar/Available
-Niet beschikbaar/Unavailable

Formulier kattenoppas

Foto van een klant


Mom of Yana

“I immediately felt at ease with Kelly. She focuses 100% on cats and therefore has real expertise.”


Mom of Onyx

“It was perfect for us. We felt lots of kindness and heart coming from you and your approach as well as a deep understanding of cat behaviour. We were surprised that you managed to connect so quickly with Onyx. So, we felt instantly at ease and in trust.”

Got any questions? Please send an email to info@thepetcoach.be

See you soon!

Love, Kelly

ik ben Kelly van The Pet Coach, gedragstherapeut voor katten

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